Campaign Management

Plan, manage and report your branded content campaigns all in one place.

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Ambassador Programs

Dont just ‘manage’ your Ambassadors, leverage our extensive data points and proprietary prediction algorithm to make educated choices in both selevction and ongoing refinement of your ambassadorial programs

Brief & Share

Share the campaign brief and specific deliverable details including briefing documents, attachments and tracking links

Tags & Lists

Assign multiple tags to filter your talent list into whos relevant. Also filter by account performance, audience location and loads more ++

You can even generate reports from tags!

Manage Tags

An easier way to group talent in your database to build campaigns and reports.

Inflight Tracking

Some say you should report on media after 3 days, some say 10… We provide an easy to digest graph showing the performance of the media every 12hrs since it was posted.

Predictive Analytics

With millions of data points available we have refined an algorithm to predict the reach of an account specific to the media type (Reels, Story’s, Grid) etc. We are averaging 90% accuracy… not to brag ;)

Predicted Campaign Performance based on talent and media placement

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