Post Campaign Reporting

Generate dynamic reports across multiple talent, platforms and accounts including both organic and boosted performance in seconds.

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Organic & Paid Tracking

Link your ads manager account and track your organic and boosted content in a single dynamic report.

Track Post Campaign Uplift

Dynamic reporting allows you to continue to track the content for the time the content remains on the platform.

On average content will reach an extra 50% in the 3 months post campaign - you need to capture this.

Total Combined Performance

Last updated 12:00pm 03 Jun 2023

These metrics are live, check back and see how the content perfoms over time.

Increase since campaign end

Open Rate Tracking

Generate and share your post campaign reports with all stakeholders and get notified when they open it.

Innovation is our core

Use data to your advantage and provide your stakeholders with reporting data points they could only dream of, like upping from simple link clicks to including the device, country and city demographics.