Kanban & Gantt

Kitly Business

By Eden Jannides

It’s now easier than ever to manage your campaign with Kitly Business! Discover the latest features designed to simplify and professionalize the way you handle talent relationships and execute campaigns, all while gaining accurate insights for talent and social publishers.

Introducing Kanban & Gantt Views

At Kitly, we understand the challenges of juggling multiple campaigns simultaneously. That's why we're excited to announce the addition of Kanban and Gantt views within our Campaign Management feature.

Kanban View: Simplifying Campaign Management

  1. Manage and keep track of campaigns effortlessly
  2. Enjoy customisation options tailored to your needs
  3. Easily organise campaigns for a seamless workflow

Gantt View: Enhancing Campaign Visibility

  • Visualise campaign progress and dates in a horizontal timeline format

How It Works

  • Access the Campaign Management feature.
  • Navigate to top right, choose between Kanban and Gantt views.
  • Enjoy a simplified and streamlined campaign management experience!

Ready to revolutionise your campaign management?


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Kanban & Gantt

It’s now easier than ever to manage your campaign.

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